6 weeks

as i was drinking my morning coffee, i pulled up the calendar to count how many days were left until it is sayonara to america. forty days. forty long days, i thought. i keep an ongoing list of things that need to be done before moving, in the notes section on my phone. so i pulled it open to add ‘hair cut,’ and the alarming amount of swipes that it took to get to the end of the list quickly changed my tune on the amount of days left before departure (cue bulging eyes and stress sweats).

i am moving to sheffield, england to attend the university of sheffield, and study ‘international and european law’ for three years. it sounds wildly exciting, and equally petrifying. exciting for the obvious reasons of moving to a foreign country for an extended period of time, meeting new people, ect. petrifying because it is vastly out of my comfort zone.. roughly 4,500 miles out of my comfort zone actually. i think getting pushed out of our comfort zones is when we really learn about ourselves though (i’m rolling my eyes at how cliche i sound, too).

over the next six weeks i will further indulge you about myself, sheffield, and how the process of getting ready for such a big move is going. utter bores to read about, i’m sure. au revoir for now


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