tips: applying to a university abroad

the process of choosing, and applying, to universities in a foreign country was an undeniable learning experience for me. and undeniably stressful at times. here are the things that i learned that will help your process go a little more smoothly:

  1. you need a passport. if you are considering going to school abroad, you must have a valid, up-to-date passport to submit your application. i learned this the hard way when my application process was pushed back a month while i waited for the return of my passport.
  2. school is expensive. books are expensive. moving abroad is expensive. before you start looking at schools abroad, check out which international schools comply with the US federal student loan program. click here for more information
  3. it is helpful to know what kind of degree you want to pursue, and the type of experience you are looking to have before you start your research. knowing these 2 things will help keep you from getting overwhelmed by narrowing down the search from the start.
  4. research, research, and research some more. knowledge is power during this process.
  5. organization is a major key (s/o dj khaled) to keeping this process moving smoothly.
    1. i kept all of my research about the different schools and cities in a spiral notebook
    2. once accepted to my school of choice, i bought a binder to keep all documents, emails, tuition receipts, and so on in the same place
  6. my last piece of advice is to remember that applying to schools abroad is a lengthier process than applying to one in the states. be patient.

feel free to comment with any additional advice about going through this process!


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