i’m a feminist, but i don’t…

fem-i-nism (noun)– the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

when did feminism become such a dirty word, and why does it make people feel so uncomfortable when they hear it? dropping the f word can color a conversation a dark shade of awkward, with hues of uncomfortable in mere seconds. no, i’m not talking about the word fuck because who gives a fuck about saying fuck? why does saying the word feminist get you more dirty looks than saying curse words?

i’m a feminist, but i don’t hate men. what? huh? how can you call yourself a feminist, if you don’t hate men?  please refer to merriam-webster dictionary for the definition above. the heart of feminism is about the equality of both genders, men and women. it is ultimately inclusive of both genders.

i’m a feminist, but i don’t hate tradition. i am a feminist, but i don’t find a man holding open a door as belittling. it is a kind gesture, don’t make it into something its not. i also do not believe that taking your husbands last name makes you submissive in the relationship, either.

a common misconception about being a feminist means that you must stick together with other women, at all costs. remember that age-old question your mom probably asked you 1,000 times growing up, “if all of your friends jumped off of a bridge, would you do it too?” i think that there is an outdated idea attached to feminism, that women must stick together (no matter if you have the same views on a subject or not). the feminist movement has fought hard to change the conversation about a woman’s ability to make a decision or have an opinion, outside the influence of a man. so, why do we expect women to blindly follow and agree with the opinions and decisions of other women? I am a feminist, but I don’t blindly jump off of the bridge because other women are doing it.


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