Shit, my brain ain’t working

Train journey from Manchester to Sheffield

Well, I have been back in Sheffield for about 4 days now but I’ve not had a chance to get settled back in yet. With my arrival, I was thrown into school and chaos because I came 3 weeks late into the fall semester. I’m not sure what it is about this place but I always find it difficult to write while I am here. It’s cold (about 30-35 degrees cooler than home); it’s rainy, and my ass is sore from not walking the Sheffield mini mountains for almost 2 months. The trip back was about as seamless and uneventful as one could hope for in a 15 hour transatlantic journey, which has really helped curve the jet lag. And on another note, it is brilliant to be back with all of my friends. A bit of a boring post, with no purpose other than a quick update avec moi. It’s time to get back to revising my 3 weeks of missed worked again (insert relativity of blog title here- Shit, my brain ain’t working).


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