Living in a world as diverse as we do, we can learn immensely about ourselves, and others, from giving interest and seeking understanding of an idea that may be opposing from our own. It is an important skill, in life and self-health, to be able to highlight and bring acknowledgement to the good qualities about our beings. There are a few characteristics about myself that I most admire. Independent thinking, being the first characteristic. More times than not, I am sure that it comes off to other people as just being plain stubborn. Yes, there is a time and a place where it is appropriate to bring around compromise; however, when it comes to your core beliefs, I do not justify compromising how you perceive something as a relevant means to an end. Now, with that being said, the second characteristic I find admirable in myself, is the ability to co-exist with people of opposing views.

The experiences we face in life may be indirectly interdependent upon each other, but the variables causing these realities, that mold our beliefs, are endlessly different. If you take into consideration that we have all grown up in different backgrounds, cultures, regions, religions, ect., that play an influence to the way we view the world, then you will find it logically impossible for every single person to think the same way as you. It is important to note that this does not make your beliefs wrong, nor does it make the opposing’s view wrong either. It just means, ‘hey, we went through some different shit, and that’s o.k.’

With the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election looming, it has been more evident than usual of the lack to find coexistence, to sympathise, or to seek understanding with our friends and peers of differing opinions. I encourage you to keep an open dialog and to actively seek more information (not antagonisingly, y’all) on why somebody supports this or that, instead of (metaphorically) deleting them from your life (Facebook).  Through the means of open dialog and further information, you might find appreciation, in lieu of insult, behind the reason your peer looks at a situation through a different coloured lens. As a natural result, we will find ourselves in a coexistence with a little more tolerance for each other.



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