Here is to my parents, and the unspoken thank you’s

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and soon after Father’s Day, I started to think about how grateful that I am for the parents that life has given me. It goes without say that 1 day out of the year is not nearly enough to give credit for all that they have done, and continuously do- the sacrifices made, the time given, the money spent, the lessons taught, and the endless and unconditional love shown.

Throughout my childhood, ascent into adolescence and descent into adulthood, my mom and dad have been my greatest teachers and the biggest contributors to the lessons that I have learned along the way. They have helped me grow into the person that I am through the way that they have raised me and loved me, and through the ways that they have led their own lives and exemplified their own lessons learned. While some lessons might be larger than others, the magnitude of their influence remains in equal. Here are a few lessons that I am most thankful to my parents for helping instil into the person that I have grown to be:

Nothing and nobody can determine the amount of happiness in your life but yourself. 

You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar.

The most satisfying and rewarding achievements come from fulfilling the goals that came from a genuine place within yourself.

Nourish the healthy relationships in your life, and dump the toxic ones.

At times, it is okay to not be alright. 

Asking for help when you need it shows strength, not weakness.

You are the only person that can define your worth, and everybody else’s opinions on the matter are irrelevant. 

The mistakes you make will not make or break you, but how you choose to come back from them can.

The truth will set you free.

You are different, and that is the best possible thing to be. 

Do not buy into conventionality- it is a load of shit.

Love is forgiving, and without judgement. 


One thought on “Here is to my parents, and the unspoken thank you’s

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