Heartache and Heartbreak: The Healing

Heartbreak at any age is not any easy feat to overcome, and often we tend to lose ourselves for a moment in time through this experience. With our own heartache, it is hard to see it objectively. I have known heartbreak, and I lost all sense of my self- I questioned who I was without this person, why I was not enough, if I could … Continue reading Heartache and Heartbreak: The Healing

life, unconventionally

    Life is conventionally¬†unconventional, and that’s o.k.. If you asked me to tally up all of the sleep lost because of something in my life that wasn’t going in accordance with conventionality, I’m not sure that I would have enough fingers and toes. The timeline of life achievements, that we often grow up believing must be completed by a set of predetermined ages, is … Continue reading life, unconventionally

tips: applying to a university abroad

the process of choosing, and applying, to universities in a foreign country was an undeniable learning experience for me. and undeniably stressful at times. here are the things that i learned that will help your process go a little more smoothly: you need a passport. if you are considering going to school abroad, you must have a valid, up-to-date passport to submit your application. i … Continue reading tips: applying to a university abroad