10 Experiences of an International Student in the U.K.

Life is almost comically different than anything that I could have thought up prior to moving to the United Kingdom. Here are a few realities that every International Student studying in the U.K. has probably experienced: United Kingdom Visa and Immigration is a bigger bitch than the teacher that won’t bump up your on-the-line grade. Shout out to the homeless man I almost wedded to get … Continue reading 10 Experiences of an International Student in the U.K.


Vul-ner-a-ble (adj.)- exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally Weakness, shame, fear, and anxiety are a few words that are closely associated with the word vulnerable. We live in a world that is fuelled on cynicism and the intolerance of weakness. A world that views the fool as the person that dared try but did not succeed, and consequently felt the … Continue reading Vulnerability

life, unconventionally

    Life is conventionally unconventional, and that’s o.k.. If you asked me to tally up all of the sleep lost because of something in my life that wasn’t going in accordance with conventionality, I’m not sure that I would have enough fingers and toes. The timeline of life achievements, that we often grow up believing must be completed by a set of predetermined ages, is … Continue reading life, unconventionally

i’m a feminist, but i don’t…

fem-i-nism (noun)– the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities when did feminism become such a dirty word, and why does it make people feel so uncomfortable when they hear it? dropping the f word can color a conversation a dark shade of awkward, with hues of uncomfortable in mere seconds. no, i’m not talking about the word fuck because who gives a … Continue reading i’m a feminist, but i don’t…